Animal Housing - free stalls, self-locking feed fronts (“Headlocks”), barn gates
Cow Comfort - rubber mats, free stall mattresses, swinging cow brush
Special Needs - Hoof trim chutes with optional trailer, hoof care equipment, maternity pen mattresses
Cow Cooling - ‘Blast’ and ‘Basket’ Fans, water soakers
Milk Harvesting Systems from Basic to Advanced - Portable and Fixed Bucket Milkers with cluster washer option, Swing-over and Double systems with automatic washing, pulsation, metering, automation options/upgrades, vacuum pumps, Crowd Gates, Parlour Stalls, etc.
Milking Equipment Replacement Parts and Consumables - Liners, clusters, claws, hoses and tubes, inlets, pulsators, CMT kits, paper towels, etc.
Milk Cooling Tanks - Milk Cooling Tanks of all sizes
Feeding Equipment - Feeders for Calves/Kids/Lambs, TMR Mixers and Silage Baggers of all sizes, Silage Wagons, choppers, etc.
Manure Management - Alley Scrapers, Pumps and Mixers, Separators
Full Barn Design and Outfitting - From small-scale ‘kit barns’ to large commercial dairies