Complete Dairy Barn PROductivity Package

Regardless of the size of your operation, modern and efficient dairy equipment is required to ensure maximum productivity. DairyPRO’s complete Dairy Barn Productivity Packages are designed for maximum farm profitability by ensuring the very best cost-effective solutions are incorporated.

Design Features Include:

  • Priority focus on Cool, Clean and Comfortable Cows - hot climate packages with cooling
  • Milk harvesting solutions that promote improved udder health, in all size herds
  • Efficient cow traffic flow & layout for improved animal husbandry and special needs care
  • Modular Design - grow your herd size with minimal additional investment!
  • High-tech herd management features available, for reproduction, milk yield, etc…
  • Cost-effective modern equipment to maximize productivity and return on investment!
Design Feature Image

Complete Dairy Barn Productivity Packages
are tailored to your size and climate

Reliable milk harvesting and cold storage solutions:

  • Swing, Herringbone, Parallel, Rotary Parlours, Pipeline & Bucket Milking Systems
  • Cooling tanks and refrigeration systems
  • A full range of consumables and cow hygiene products

Solution to keep your cows comfortable, cool and clean:

  • Comfort-engineered mattress and bedding solutions
  • Modern stalls
  • Ventilation and cow cooling systems
  • Alley and parlour flooring comfort solutions

Cow Care, Feeding and Barn Feeding systems:

  • Headlocks and gating
  • Feed Mixers and Silage Baggers
  • Hoof Trimming Units
  • Water Troughs
  • Manure Scrapers and flush systems, separators and pumps
  • Systems to Capture/Re-use water