Pulsation Upgrade Package

Pulsators act as the heartbeat of your entire milking system to ensure proper milk harvest.

Many milking systems on Asian dairy farms currently use pneumatic pulsation, which tend to perform inconsistently, are prone to malfunction, and can actually damage your cows teats and udders, making them vulnerable to infection and reducing milk quality.

Upgrading to Electronic Pulsation is a very cost-effective step to deliver faster and more efficient milk-out, while promoting udder health and milk quality. Reductions in mastitis rates and gains in milk yield have also been reported by DairyPRO clients, which often require increased-capacity milk inlets to handle the greater milk flow.

Pulsation Upgrade Package includes:

  • Electronic Alternating pulsators
  • Pulsator mount to vacuum line
  • Power Supply
  • All required wiring
  • New pulsation hoses and short air tubes
  • Larger-capacity milk inlets (depending on size of existing inlets – DairyPRO staff will be glad to inspect and advise)