Portable Milking Package

Portable bucket-based milking systems are often the best solution for smaller farms. The right combination of good value, reliability and quality is key to find, in order to ensure your farm produces to its maximum potential every day. Unfortunately, some portable systems have components that can sacrifice quality and performance, a situation that it is possible to avoid even as tight budgets are met!

DairyPRO staff would be happy to recommend the right portable milking system to meet your needs and your budget! Several different sizes and configurations are available, from single pail all the way to a 2 pail milker with up to 4 milking clusters!

DaryPRO’s Portable Milker packages include:

  • Portable vacuum pump complete with electric motor, vacuum pump, pulsator, regulator etc. mounted on a cart with wheels.
  • Single or dual milk buckets that also mount on the portable milk cart.
  • 1 or 2 complete milking clusters with hoses and liners, for each pail unit.