Hoof Health Package

Lameness contributes to tremendous economic loss on dairy farms. Poor hoof health is often the #1 cause for cow exit from a herd, and can be a major drag on milk yield. The good news is that a few easy steps, with the right equipment, can go a long way to minimizing hoof health problems in your herd!

Many factors can affect overall hoof health, but it is clear that clean, comfortable stalls and floors, along with regular hoof trimming in a safe trim chute can help minimize problems in your herd, and help ensure your cows can produce more milk, for more lactation cycles.

DairyPRO specializes in complete hoof health packages for any size of dairy herd. Our packages include:

  • Hoof Trim Chutes, ranging from simple low-cost units for small farms, to automated hydraulic units for large commercial farms or professional hoof trimmers. We offer a line of great value trim chutes that come with optional trailers!


  • Hoof care items, trimmers, knives, grinder disks, hoof blocks etc…
  • DairyPRO staff are also able to recommend rubber mat options for alleys and walkways, as well as a range of comfort-engineered stall mattresses, to fit almost any budget