Milk Cluster Upgrade

As the point where your milking system connects with your cows, your milking clusters are a vitally important piece of equipment.

Many milking systems common on Asian dairy farms use clusters that underperform and are incorrectly sized for the job. Undersized claws can generate vacuum fluctuation, which can cause teat and udder damage, which can lead to infection, lower milk quality and production.

Correctly sized, good quality claws and liners promote udder health, and improvements in milk quality and yield. As the production levels increase in dairy herds due to adoption of on-farm improvements (cool, clean, comfortable cows produce more milk!), milking equipment should be upgraded to accommodate the greater milk yield and more efficient milking.

DairyPRO offers several Milk Cluster upgrade options to suit your budget and needs. The upgrades include:

  • High-Capacity Milk Claws (several models available)
  • High Flow liners and fitted shells
  • Milk and pulsation hoses
  • Larger-capacity milk inlets (depending on size of existing inlets – DairyPRO staff will be glad to inspect and advise)