Dairy Barn Equipment

Along with our Productivity Package offerings, DairyPRO's professional staff will advise and source equipment solutions tailored to your needs and objectives.

DairyPRO provides access to a global selection of quality equipment solutions, and Value-Add advice on how to continually grow your farm's performance, PROductivity and PROfit!

Our Solutions Include:

  • Swing, Herringbone, Parallel, Rotary Parlours, Pipeline & Bucket Milking Systems
  • Milk Cooling Refrigeration tanks
  • Mattresses and Modern Stalls
  • Ventilation and Cooling
  • Alley Flooring
  • Self-Locking Headgates
  • TMR Feed Mixers & Delivery Systems
  • Silage Baggers
  • Hoof Trimming Units
  • Manure Scrapers and Flush Systems, Separators and Pumps
  • Pressurization Systems for Water Re-Use
  • Daily Consumables